Charm Affirmations Bra // Lovely Lace w/ Moon Stone

Charm Affirmations Bra // Lovely Lace w/ Moon Stone

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The CHARM AFFIRMATIONS BRA is more of a statement, to project your intentions.  Designed to hold a crystal close to your heart. Charm is clipped to a ring attached to the bras center. This crystal charm is removable for washing.

You can purchase additional stones separately that can be swapped out to suit your daily INTENTIONS! Check out our crystal shop more charms.

This style comes with a MOON STONE. Which carries the energy of the new moon at the height of its power. Offers protection & is said to help calm responses to stress & avoid overreaction. Brings in strong energies of abundance & good fortune, in both love & business. Enhancing intuition & promoting inspiration.

Don't hesitate to hit us up to swap for a different stone in our crystal shop that speaks to you!


Fabrication // Nylon Stretch Lace & Nylon Mesh Lining



S - 32 A/B, 34 A/B

M - 32 D, 34 C/D, 36 A/B

L - 36 C/D, 38 B-D

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