Crystal Cleansing & Charging  

We always smoke cleanse crystals before shipping, to restore balance & cleanse the energy collected throughout its journey to you.  We recommend giving them a cleanse once you receive as well. Clearing & charging your crystals will allow them to be open to work with you. The ritual will also help you to connect with the crystals vibration & set your intention for its use. 

We prefer to use one of the following herbs to smoke cleanse : sage, palo santo or copal.  Light your favorite & place in heat proof vessel like an abalone shell or ashtray.  Hold the crystal above the smoke stream & brush the smoke over with your hand or a feather.  You can also hold the herb in one had & hover over crystal in a circular motion reaching all sides.

If you do not have any of these tools you can wash with water for 5 minutes (best with natural spring or ocean water), or soak in salt water to cleanse. 

You can also do a earth cleanse. Placing in the ground or potted soil for 1 week - up to 1 month.  Or soak in a bowl of brown rice over night.  Be sure to toss the rice after cleanse as it contains negative energy extracted form the crystals. Do not eat.

After clearing  you can place in the sun to charge for about 5 minutes. Sun charging is best for red, orange & yellow crystals. Some may fade if left too long under the sunlight.

You can also leave your crystals out under the moon overnight. Moon cleansing will both cleanse & charge simultaneously.  Make it a monthly ritual, preferably under the full moon!